How To Find The Time To Read The Quran.

By maestrouzy

hjhlWhen I tell people regarding the merits of reciting the Quran, I usually hear in response “I don’t have the time to read the Quran”. This is the situation a lot of Muslims in our overworked society is dealing with. They understand the value of the Quran, but nobody takes the time to read it.

In the last few years, I’ve changed my attitude towards the Quran. I’ve trained myself during this whole time while doing a full time job. Alhamdulillah! Last year, I read the Quran 15 times completely; that’s more than one juz’ per day.

So here are some tips that helped me to attain this change, Read them thoroughly and check whether it can help you as well.

1. Allah’s word over everything So often we set aside reciting the Quran for things we feel more necessary, but Quran should be given precedence over everything else; for these are the words of Allah. No other knowledge can be matched with the Quran. Reciting itself will bring you success in your day-to-day life.

2. Pray for Allah’s help Nothing is possible without the help of Allah. This applies for everything you do throughout your life. Reciting the word of Allah is a great blessing; He won’t give this chance for everyone. You must beg Allah to grant you this great opportunity.

3. Set a goal You may have heard it many times, but this has helped me a lot. My goal is to recite one juz’ a day and finish the Quran in a month. This is not a big deal, but most people don’t continue this process.

4. Have a set time and place. Set up a comfortable time and place to recite, and step away from your phone and your computer so that you can focus and absorb what you recite from the Quran.

5. Fit in with your schedule Probably the hardest part is to fit “reciting the Quran” in to your daily schedule, because you can’t just read through a few pages and walk away like any other book. This is the Quran, it requires more of your attention and dedication, and certainly it deserves some time in your schedule.

6. Listen to Quran recitations In order to boost your passion for reciting the Quran, listen to the recitations from world famous Qaris. I always choose Sheikh Naser al Qatami’s recitations, because when I hear his Qiraths; it magically reignites my love for the Holy Quran.

7. Reminders on Mobile phones, computers, etc Some people are terrible when it comes to remembering things they need to do. Try to stay on schedule with reminders from your phone, computer or other devices. This will help you avoid missing the time you have scheduled for your Quran.

8. Engage your family Your family is one of the greatest gifts of Allah. Therefore, you must make reading the Quran a daily activity in your family for the benefit in this life and the next. Recite it a bit loud and tell your spouse or your kids to listen. This will benefit both you and your family, and more likely they will remind you if you forget.

9. Take your Quran wherever you go Do you have your own Quran? If not, get one today for yourself, and make sure you always have the Quran with you; so that you can take advantage of any free time you get.

10. Attitude Sticking to reciting the Quran daily is not easy, and it’s not also impossible. Never forget the rich benefits you’ll gain from the Quran. Never ever give up! Pick up where you left off, and be more decisive than ever to stick with the Quran.

So tell us which Quranic reciter (Qari) inspired you the most towards reciting the Quran. Share your own experience with us on the comments section


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